From his mother, he has a provençal accent ; from is father he has the Northern look… So who is really Pierre Colas ?

Born in Aix en Provence, Pierre Colas studied and worked in sciences for years and settled in La Rochelle (Ocean sea) long enought to be called by the other shore…. Montreal, Canada was his next stop. There, Pierre decided to change life : science was no longer part of his inspiration, but wood was. . At 32 Pierre was graduaded from a prestigious canadian school of wood & art, were history of art, approach to the colors, experimentations on wood and other materials, lead the pupils to become entirely independant.

Even if it has nothing to do with sciences anymore, still Pierre keeps on researching and searching what makes a died wood alive in our eyes. Life comes from mouvements, like the sea, like the boats he stared at while in France… Not surprising that his sculptures take the shape of huge sails but with a rare finest handmade art.

Back to France, not far from is native city, Pierre now uses the Luberon hills immensity to get inspiration on new perspectives, new shapes, new combinations, like if there were no end behind the mountains, no end behind the sea, no end to his creation.

« When you see his talented work, the colors, the unique woods, the never seen pieces, one word come to mind : Pierre Colas is an ARTIST. », R. Donald, workshop guestbook.